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! A Growing Teenager Diary !: Django Unchained Movie Half Review ...

today i woke up at 7.50am.
then i just quickly get myself prepared and went to work.
while i was walking on my way to wait for the bus, it seems that the bus just pass by in front my and i just feel that i might late for work.
however, after 5 minutes passed, there is a taxi driver?which is an Indian lady?stop in front of me and told me that she charge only RM1 to go Wangsa as it might be on the way to go there. (guess i was lucky?)
around 9.20am i reach my office and continue my so call "working" although it seems like i do not produce much productivity. (if one day company found out/see this, 100% will fire me LOL)
during the afternoon, we went to have our lunch at?Homie Recipe (????) restaurant despite i not very like as it was in small portion and cost about RM8.90 per bowl but no choice since i follow the majority.

upon back to office, i just continue my stuff as usual.
somehow the TalkFilm have extra 1 movie tickets for?Django Unchained as i can go if some people can't make it with my "begging skills" and i just accepted.
around 6.50pm i make a move from office and guess i was lucky again because as i walk down to the KTM station, the train just arrived at 7pm.
when i reach Mid Valley at 7.10pm, i just feel that i was having a lot of time and decided to walk from bottom to top of the Gardens shopping mall about 1 hour++ where i might get some "marketing" ideas.
sometime i do wondering how those shop can sustain as it seems like there was not many people visiting those luxury brands shop.
perhaps they was just target high end customer or "washing black money"? (i have no idea~ LOL)

while walking at the top floor, i saw a lot of Japanese shop such as?Hokkaido Ichiba, Wagyu and some name i had forgotten.
somehow the "feelings" of eating Japanese food came back again as i ended up eating at?Sushi Zanmai Gardens since there is a lot of people waiting as i can use it as an excuse to "kill my time".
however, i seems to no need to wait long for the queue as i was just alone while others people was in couple or in a group. (T.T)
in fact, i do have a bit "jelly" feeling when the people beside me was both girl but together with their boyfriend just like a friend told me before better don't go alone to Mid Valley.
anyways, i do enjoy myself very much as i had tried the fried oyster dish as shown below.

well, looks like it does not show exactly same in the menu as it do not came with oyster shell. (LOL?)

other than that, i enjoyed the peach salmon, udon noodles and chawanmushi although it cost me about RM33+ when i pay for the bill.
around 8.30pm i went to redeem the tickets from TalkFilm booth and they seems can't find my name in the list as i was confirm on the last minute when got extra tickets.

anyways, they gave me 2 tickets but i say i was one person and changed to another seat since all of the seat was a couple seat as shown below.
since there is still some time before the movie start at 9pm, i walked to the Borders bookstore and saw their have some promotion for RM250 BB1M book voucher as picture below.
somehow i was attracted with a keyword of book that title "Ask for No Bullshit, get some more!" as below.
guess it was mostly related with the political opinion about our current government.

while i read more and more, it does ignites some anger when see the "B" performing how such according to what the book say and i saw most of their argument was using other people brand name such as below.

if you ask my what's my political view, i believe a CHANGE IS NEEDED for our corrupted country although my best choice is Vote for Nobody as picture below.
around 8.55pm i went back to the GSC cinema and i did not buy the book as it cost about RM35+.
anyways, below was the synopsis of the?Django Unchained movie 2013 and the movie start at 9.20pm
Freed slave named Django is trained as a bounty hunter by a German dentist named Schultz, and the two men set out to find Django's captive wife?from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner.
during the moment watching this movie, i keep looking at my watch with the light from the screen as i need to make a move as the KTM/LRT will close before 12am.

well, i just manage to watch until the?Django meet her wife at the "Titanic main actor's sister house" (don't know his name but from Inception movie, picture below synopsis) and the time was already around 11pm.
moreover, i feel that the movie is quite true about those Negro slaves during the olden days.
besides, you can have a look of the "Django Unchained - Official Trailer (HD)" video as below or the link >>> Here.

overall i would rate this movie as 4 out of 5 stars as it was funny despite it had many bloody scene with vulgar language spoken although i just watch half of the movie before i left.
therefore this is why the blog post of this title was named as "Django Unchained Movie Half Review 2013".
as i reach the Mid Valley KTM station at 11.15pm, it seems that the train just closed it's door and i feel like life is not always lucky as i encounter this morning.

honestly, i did have some "hatred about myself" because promised to go for the movie and feel bad if i "put aeroplane" although i do not have car.
anyways, the train reach again at 11.45pm and it took about 5 minute to reach KL Sentral and i quickly run to the LRT station when i reach there.
besides, there was 2 China girls asked me about how to go to Plaza Rakyat where i feel to help but i forgotten how, while the last LRT train just arrived at 11.55pm.
during the moment at train, i do feel a little "guilty" as i did not help them and maybe i was just "selfish" to care for myself as if i missed the last train, i will need to take taxi which will cause a lot of money.
somehow i just keep listening to Bai Ann song to forget other things.
finally i arrived Wangsa Maju at 12.25am and took taxi back home although it have extra charges.

upon back home, i was recalling back what i did for today and looks like i had spend around RM70+ for today although i feel to save some $$ but keep having the contradict feeling that "work to save $$ but no enjoy, then work for what?" feelings.
furthermore, i can't blame TalkFilm Facebook page for giving the free tickets right as myself have requested for it as i might not spend so much if i never been there.
somehow i feel myself so "funny" as i just want to find something to do and just like an internet beggar.
besides, i still remember the tagline from the movie which is "You've got my curiosity, now you got my attention" where i feel quite funny.
later on, i just quickly see through some news and information where i feel the "N" company response so fast to the "Google Shut Down Google Reader news" as it was an opportunity for them to recruit more people.

well, i think i no longer can visits back some blog because i always use Google Reader in my dashboard.
as for the SAP couse, i found some useful information as below where it divided into?functional or technical skills as shown below.
Functional?:?MM, SD, PP, WM, FI, CO (Core Modules)?BI, BOBJ, SRM, SCM
Technical:?Basis, ABAP, PI
Approx earning per month
For a fresh graduate SAP consultant: RM4,000
2 years experience with 1 full life cycle implementation: RM5,000 - RM6,000
3 full life cycle implementation: RM8,000 - RM10,000
Lead/Project Manager: RM10,000 - RM20,000
seriously until now i still not clear about the SAP course but feel what the people said was meaningful as "A few years back, SAP consultants were highly sought after because there weren't many people experienced in SAP. But these days, there are way too many SAP consultants (because everyone knows it pays well and thus jumps on the bandwagon) and the market is approaching saturation" which is quite true.
perhaps the moral of the story is a profitable things must have less people know about it, or else it will cause a lot of problem just like why those opposition keep having demonstration as the "B" having too much cronies on hand which will make other people feel "red eye" when know about the ugly truth.
at last, i would like to share a meaningful picture as below.

it means that "Don't need to jealous of other people's success as they also have their imperfect and hard feelings. (????????????????????????????/??????)
however, it might be easy to said but hard to do.
finally i finish writing this post at 3.05am and feel myself REALLY NO LIFE as i need to wait up at 7am+ tomorrow, yet the time still running.
in fact, i do know that no one will give a damn whether i update or not and there is no long term goal to continue writing for this blog but the only thing that drives me now seems to be i just hope someone will "give a damn" for my lonely life. (sweat~ =.=)


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